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Spanish I-V

Student Diversity

Most schools have programs that balance oral, listening, reading and writing skills during these 4 formative years. The curriculum is well-structured during this time, and covers thematic cultural units with very specific vocabulary. However, many students can struggle due to the emphasis on the acquisition and mastery of grammatical concepts. With our support students can succeed and be placed at an Honors, or AP level if that is their academic language goal.

Spanish Honors

Reading a Book

This course pace is faster and concentrates on the introduction of advanced grammatical concepts. Students will read more authentic texts which difficulty may vary, and will have opportunities to improve their listening and writing skills according to the grammar and vocabulary presented in class. Most teachers also include literary readings from prominent Spanish and Latin American  authors.

AP Spanish Language

Girls in the Library  | Peninsula Spanish

This course helps students acquire a global understanding on a variety of current topics that are shaping culturally, economically and politically the Spanish speaking world. Emphasis is given to communication, listening, oral, and writing skills (informal and formal). At the same time, students continue to review advanced grammatical structures for the purpose of communication. Course Content

AP Spanish Literature

Levitating Books  | Peninsula Spanish

This course covers literary texts in a variety of genres that have shaped the Spanish literary canon. From the Middle Ages to Modernity, students will have an opportunity to explore and analyze magnificent works within their historical and cultural contexts. Advanced grammatical topics are reviewed, but main emphasis is given to comprehension, critical thinking skills, detailed literary analysis of poetic texts and novels, advanced academic writing and literary discussions. Course Content


Middle School Spanish

Student Raising a Hand  | Peninsula Spanish

Spanish is offered in Middle School to prepare students in foreign language competency. It also facilitates the student transition to a high school program. The goal is to make second language acquisition fun while maintaining clear expectations. This program should be filled with enjoyable activities such as exploring the culinary arts in the different Spanish speaking countries, singing, dancing, and hands-on cultural and grammar activities. Students will learn Spanish and will become culturally sensitive to so many different cultures.



Personalized Learning Plan that focuses on school curriculum and students’ interests

Strategies and skills to help students improve study habits and become independent learners

Collaboration with teachers when needed

Weekly progress report accessible to students and parents

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